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Spectrum Fine Art Marketing "this is the simplest system I have ever used.."

How your art is found

Online art catalogs that show artworks from our subscribers Our online art catalogs are automatically created by content from our subscriber artworks.

How Your Art Is Found

Creating a website is only part of what our service offers.

Internet Art Marketing works with a variety of the major search engines so that your artwork can be found by potential buyers using Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Once our site is found, our focus is on giving the visitor tools to see artwork and lead them directly to you.

On these sites you will see no ads or extraneous material. And by focusing on a type of artwork allows us to strategically market these sites with better accuracy then general art sites. shows all types of artworks captures all artworks that are broadcasted from our subscribers. This means it contains the largest variety of artworks from sculptures to paintings. shows only the sculptures of our subscribers is the sculpture focused online art catalog. Only sculpture artworks and subscribers who have broadcasted sculptures are integrated into this site. shows Watercolors

The online art catalog contains the subscribers and their artworks that are watercolor based. shows only the African American art of our subscribers contains the artworks and subscribers who create African American art. shows all types of artworks contains the subscribers and the artworks that are available in quantity. For example giclee or photographs to bronze statues are products that are made in some quantity.