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spectrumfinearts art agent "this is the simplest system I have ever used.."

How your art is found

Online art catalogs that show artworks from our subscribers Our online art catalogs are automatically created by content from our subscriber artworks.

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Ellen Bennett - Spectrum Fine Art Marketing

I am an artist representative, art agent who represents artists and the galleries that have their artworks. I have been using the system since 1998 and think Internet Art Marketing is absolutely a good value. I have been involved in other systems and this one sticks out from them all. I have not found any of them as easy to understand, Internet Art Marketing speaks plain English.

I have successfully sold art as well as found galleries for my artists. For example, this morning a woman who owns a gallery in Stow Vermont was in another gallery and saw an artist she wanted. She found us and I was able to show her other artists as well while on the phone with her.