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How your art is found

Online art catalogs that show artworks from our subscribers Our online art catalogs are automatically created by content from our subscriber artworks.

Internet Art Marketing is on Sabbatical

Currently we are still in the process of migrating to a new platform. We will be starting at first by exposing the data so we will be creating landing pages for the artists that use the same rolodex to browse the artworks as shown with the interface. Then adding back the log in features. We totally apologize for the inconvenience and I will work with all the need anything to help on their art journey.

Early in 2017 we found that the websites we generate are way too old for modern day hardware (especially iPads and mobile phones which should be the most fun) so we stopped charging our customers as we worked to add a way to expose our data (and store our data) on the newer technologies. Remember we were the FIRST internet art portal running on very old hardware. Our journey started in 1997 and the Internet-art-marketing suite of sites settled in running on a win2000 machine for the past 17 years, not bad for a bunch of sand eh.

Our efforts to migrate to the newer technologies has hastened, as sadly a few months ago the hardware that our original sites were running on finally melted. We have the data and have resurrected another machine that we will be deploying our new architecture on. We have all our images and their metadata and as you can tell when going to any of the original suite of sites you see the beginning of the art-promenade. that is a new dynamic interface built for the browsers and technologies of today.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions