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How your art is found

Online art catalogs that show artworks from our subscribers Our online art catalogs are automatically created by content from our subscriber artworks.

Example Web Sites Built with

Non Web Savvy Users

The following web sites have been created by our subscribers who only know how to use a browser and a digital camera. Visit the links below and explore their sites.

Websites of Artists

M. Tomchuk Fine Art Marjorie, an international artist, creates embossed art on handmade archival paper. Her specialty is her art and she is not a web designer.

Gallery Guichard André Guichard is a self-taught artist who had the privilege of being exposed to art through the eyes of his father who painted throughout his childhood. He was also influenced by his cousin, the late great outsider artist, William Dawson.

Gallery Web Sites

Gemstone Enterprises Gallery Gemstone Enterprises provides a large selection of Quality Equestrian and Animal Fine Art Gifts and Collectibles with a wide range of prices. With over 39 artists this site is a good example of how simple it is to manage a large gallery of artists with no special web skills.

Web Savvy Users and Custom Sites

The following websites have been created by our subscribers who know a little more about how to create a web site or have asked us for custom modifications. Visit the links below and explore these sites.

Sandy Knoll Works Sandy Knoll Studios has taken advantage of using a custom set of templates to allow visitors to easily access all their types of art. This allows them to still be able to control the content of their site and see what art and pages are being viewed.

Jorge A. Morales Jorge has modified his site to include his own dynamic images in place of some of the photos as well as adding custom formatting to the text leveraging the advanced HTML features of our text control.

Howard Jason Sculpture Studio Howard Jason Sculpture studio started with the standard templates but then decided to have us add custom web site features. This example shows how we added a section to their web site that showcases the bronze casting process.

Art Agent Web Sites

Spectrum Fine Art Marketing Spectrum Fine Art Marketing is an art agency representing more than 12 artists. The goals of the agency are to promote the artists whether they are represented by galleries or directly by an agent. You can see how the website leverages information on the artists as well as the information their galleries already have on the Internet.