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Spectrum Fine Art Marketing "this is the simplest system I have ever used.."

How your art is found

Online art catalogs that show artworks from our subscribers Our online art catalogs are automatically created by content from our subscriber artworks.

Simple To Use

Setting up your website is as easy as 1, 2, 3

The Internet Art Marketing service was created to enable the non web savvy user and the web savvy user to create a powerful marketing presence on the internet. To accomplish this we needed to create very simple controls.

We understand the types of control a art marketing professional needs to create and maintain to market art. The following sections show you how simple it is to maintain your Internet Art Marketing website.


Add your artwork to your account

Just select your photo and let us do the rest.

Click here to see adding artworks to your electronic studio


Now describe your artwork

So everyone can find your work

Screen shot of describing artwork showing simple categories
Your portfolio shows you how many times the artworks are clicked on

The portfolio showing artwork clicks

Feedback is essential

Once your site has information on it you need the tools to see what your visitors are looking at. Here you see a snapshot of your portfolio, the artwork you have in your website as well as what is being broadcasted to the online art catalogs.

Some artwork description categories

Describing artwork must be simple

The key to the Internet Marketing System is in its category description of the artworks. This category scheme is over 5 years old and is very mature. By giving you simple categories to select from allow the system to accurately determine where the art should be seen and the buyers to find what they are looking for.

The main Home Page Maintenance screen showing the types of pages and there click stats

Main home page controls

Controlling a website, keep it simple

Controlling a website can be very complicated since there is a lot of information that must be conveyed. Since our subscribers can be beginners at starting an art business we have created simple templates that make sure that the main bases are covered. The system allows a subscriber to not only control the content but also the look of the site.

Artwork Display control showing how simple it is to arrange a grid of artwork

Artwork Display grid control

Simple Controls

Our philosophy uses the same concepts as a windowed based operating system where very few types of controls are used repeatedly through out the system. That way our subscribers not only have to learn very few controls but they are repeatedly using them on most of the pages re-enforcing their understanding of the tools.

For example many of the pages use the Artwork Display control to show a grid of artwork. The Artwork Display controls what artworks are displayed in a table format, how big the thumbnails are and what information is displayed.

Let Us Show You How

If you need assistance in setting up your account, we can help: